Al Kader Oasis Newsletter January 2019
January 2019
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Al Kader Oasis Newsletter January 2019
January 2019
Oasis Archive
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Shrine Center
25100 SW Parkway Avenue
Wilsonville, OR 97070-9600

Phone: 503-682-4420
FAX: 503-685-5080

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Past Potentates

Potentate Year
Art Hermanson 2018
Ron Gamble 2017
John Nerski 2016
Tom Bland 2015
David H. Johnson 2014
William Newhouse 2013
Warren Gray 2012
Greg Jenkins 2011
Cecil Hammer 2010
Ard M. Pratt, Jr. 2009
Daniel Moyer 2008
Melvin J. Hervey 2007
Robert Walliker 2006
William L. Doherty 2005
Robert G. Cato 2004
N.H. "Bud" James 2003
Stuart L. Boos 2002
Roger W. Rees 2001
Maurie J. Greenstein 2000
Rennie Johnson 1999
Harold "Hal" L. Hermanson 1998
Gary B. Bowers 1997
Clay Gordon 1996
Donald J. Mayer 1995
L. E. “Len” Schiler 1994
F. Douglas Day 1993
James A. Davis 1992
Charles R. Faes 1991
Lionel W. Funken 1990
Walter D. Alley 1989
Leonard C. Sandness 1988
Robert A. Burleson 1987
H. Richard Koessel 1986
Jerry C. Young 1985
George A. Whitney 1984
John N. Coats 1983
H. "Bud" Robinson 1982
C. Paul Kuper 1981
Gene Fahrion 1980
Harold Clark 1979
Tom Manning 1978
M. Dewey Talent 1977
James O. Fisher Jr. 1976
Charles A. Lundberg 1975
H. Tyrell Lowry 1974
Walter E. Koch, Jr. 1973
James L. Smith 1972
James Murrel 1971
Bernard R. Gillaspie 1970
Earl D. Coghill 1969
Webber C. Harrington 1968
Leonard D. Alley 1967
W.W. Youngson 1966
George W. McMurphy 1965
Lyle L. Hammack 1964
Leib L. Riggs 1963
Willard S. Christine 1962
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Dean Vincent 1938
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Edward N. Strong 1931
David B. Seger 1930
Charles E. Minsinger 1929
Hugh J. Boyd 1928
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Phil Metschan 1926
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George L. Baker 1924
Hal T. Hutchinson 1923
Alfred L. Tetu 1922
Frank S. Grant 1921
A.H. Lea 1920
William J. Hoffmann 1919
William Davis 1918
James P. Moffett 1917
W.E. Grace 1916
George W. Stapleton 1915
Harvey Beckwith 1914
D.G. Tomasini 1913
William C. Briston 1912
Archie Thurlow 1911
William H. Galvani 1910
Louis G. Clark 1909
J.G. Mack 1908
Douglas W. Taylor 1907
George H. Hill 1902 - 1906
I.W. Pratt 1888 - 1901

IS John Nerski Al Kader Potentate 2016

I.S. John Nerski, Potentate 2016

John was born in Lynwood, California and moved around Southern California quite a bit the first few years, residing in Garden Grove, Compton and Riverside. In 1960 John’s father, a Master Mason, was tragically killed in a car accident and John’s family moved to Chowchilla in central California. John attended elementary and high school in Chowchilla, graduating from Chowchilla Union High School in 1972.

While in high school John joined the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and was very active in volunteering with the club. So much so he was invited to attend the FBLA California State convention in Anaheim his senior year. On that trip he met a beautiful young lady from Yuba City, California and fate having cast a spell, he had met his future wife.

Graduating from high school John received a scholarship and began studying Architecture with intents on having a career in that field. The Selective Service System had a different idea for John’s future and he did the smart thing by joining the Marine Corps to circumvent a two year tour in the Army.

John was on active duty in the Marines for a total of six and a half years and two years in the inactive reserves. He served with the First Marine Brigade in Kaneohe, Hawaii and with the 3rd Marine Air Wing in El Toro, California. In Hawaii John was a Military Police Officer and at El Toro was a Criminal Investigator specializing in Narcotics investigations.

After John’s end of active service he and his family moved to Oregon to look for work. John found it, working as a Police Officer for the City of Sherwood for three years and then began working for Tigard Police Department first as a K-9 officer. While at Tigard PD John worked as a Detective working fraud investigations and then major crimes as a Robbery/Homicide investigator.

He was promoted to Corporal, then Sergeant and finally to the rank of Lieutenant which was John’s rank when he retired due to an injury.

After John retired from police work he worked for a couple of years as a manager for Wells Fargo bank and then operated his own business as a background investigator for several years doing pre-employment investigations for police and communications departments. He also had time to finish his college work, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science with an emphasis on juvenile behavior and a minor in Administration of Justice.

John met Patricia Emery in 1972 at a high school function and neither one of them ever looked back. They were married in Marysville, California in October 1973 and have had fortytwo wonderful years together so far. John and Patricia were blessed with their first daughter Krystyna in 1977, blessed with their second daughter Jacquelyn in 1978 and with a great son-in-law, Neil, in 1999. Their first grandchild JD (John Daniel) was born in 2002, followed by Audrey also in 2002, then Jordan in 2005, Evelyn in 2006 and finally Mason in 2009.

In 2001 John decided to fulfill a promise to his father and his father-in-law and petitioned membership as a Mason. He was raised a Master Mason in 2002 at Tigard OreNomah #207 in Tigard when MWB Rich Martin was Master of that lodge. John became a Shriner in 2006 when IS Bob Walliker was Potentate of Al Kader Shriners and during the making of 100 Shriners along with several others including IS Tom Bland, MWGM Don Stapleton and RWB Ron Eggers, quite a class.

John has been very busy as a Shriner. He was elected as Lieutenant in Motor Escort in 2007, served as its Captain in 2008 and 2009 during which time the Motor Escort was awarded Unit of the Year. He has competed in two competitions with the Motor Escort Unit at Imperial Sessions. He also served as Low Sherieve and High Sherieve for the Shurtah Club, has been a member of the Q and Legion of Honor for several years and has assisted the Ritualists with set up and lighting during several Ceremonials. John was selected as Membership Chair in 2012, 2013 and 2014 in the years that Al Kader Shriners earned a Bronze, Silver and Gold membership award, respectively. He was the Rental Committee Chair in 2012, 2013 and 2014 during which time our rental income increased from $30K annually to nearly $100K annually.

He was appointed to the Director’s Staff in 2008, Assistant Director of Units in 2009 and appointed to the Divan as Director in 2010 by IS Cecil Hammer. In 2011 he was appointed as First Ceremonial Master by IS Greg Jenkins, in 2012 elected as Oriental Guide, 2013 as High Priest and Prophet, 2014 as Assistant Rabban, 2015 as Chief Rabban and 2016 as Potentate. He has been a member of or the Chair of numerous committees and projects at Al Kader, too many to list.

All of this in preparation to better serve you and Al Kader Shrine Center as Potentate in 2016.


IS Tom Bland Al Kader Potentate 2015

Tom was born in Gary, Indiana in 1949. The family stayed in Indiana until he was twelve; when in 1961, the family moved to California. Tom attended junior high school in Southern California and graduated from Leuzinger High School in 1968. Tom later attended Mt. San Jacinto College and Riverside City College.

In the fall of 1968, Tom joined the Navy and was trained in San Diego as a hospital corpsman, specializing in eye, ear, nose and throat surgery. In 1970, Tom received orders to Camp Leujuene, NC to train as a field medical corpsman. He managed to stay in the States and later was sent to optical school in Williamsburg, VA, where he became a licensed optician. After graduating from optical school, he received orders to 29 Palms, CA where served the last 5 years of his 10-year enlistment. During ten years in the Navy, he spent eight years stationed with the Marine Corps as part of the Fleet Marine Force.

Tom spent 20 years as an executive for several optical companies; acting as a troubleshooter, a trainer, and Regional Manager. He wrote the training manual for the ABO (American Board of Optics) licensing certification that is still used by many companies to date. He was also presdent of two companies prior to working for Spirit Mountain Casino as Manager and CEO of Playworld. Tom retired in 2012 and has been active full time with Al Kader since his retirement.

Tom was raised to Master Mason in 1976 at Oasis of Mara Lodge #732 F&AM in 29 Palms, California. He became a member of Sheridan Masonic Lodge #64 in 1997. Since then, he has served as Senior Deacon, Secretary, Treasurer, and Master of the Lodge three (3) times. He has served two (2) years as District Deputy, as well as serving on the Public Education and the Grievance & Appeals committee’s for the Grand Lodge of Oregon. Tom has been a Shrine Mason since 2006. Tom has served as Captain of Motor Escort, is a member of Yamhill County Shrine Club, Polk County Shrine Club and Shurtah. Tom was a member of the director staff prior to being appointed by IS Ard Pratt as both the Executive Aide and the Director on the Divan in 2009.

Tom served two years as chairman of the children’s Christmas party, chaired the raffle car committee for two years and was responsible for upgrading the raffle car to the AC Cobra. He was instrumental in getting the Oktoberfest fund raiser off the ground and served as chairman of this committee for two years; as well as negotiating the purchase of the Oktoberfest trailer. Tom has worked with a great team of Nobles and Divan members to bring the Haunted House to Al Kader. While working on fund raising, Tom chaired the Long Range Planning Committee for three years

Tom and his wonderful wife, Lady Kathy, have been friends since 1968 and married in 1971. They met working on a home coming float after he graduated from high school. While being close friends in the beginning, they began dating after Kathy graduated in 1969. After dating for two years, they were actually married twice in 1971. The first time was in a chapel in Balboa Park near the Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego, in a quiet ceremony on March 22, 1971. The chapel was so small there was only room for the two of them and God, which was perfect. The second wedding was in Gardena, California on May 7, 1971 with family and friends. They have one son, Marc, who is also a Master Mason and Shriner, and one daughter, Heather. They have four granddaughters and two grandsons.

Tom’s company moved him and his family to Keizer, Oregon in 1992. After their children married and had homes of their own, Tom and Kathy moved from Keizer to be closer to work at Spirit Mountain Casino and settled down in Willamina, Oregon in 1997, where they now call home.

Because of Tom’s time in the service and his corporate positions, the Bland’s moved 22 times over the last 42 years and have lived on both coasts. Tom and Kathy have enjoyed many adventures together over the years, but none have compared to the current journey of moving up the Divan or the humbling honor of becoming the 2015 Potentate at Al Kader.


IS Dave Johnson Al Kader Shrine Potentate 2014

David H. Johnson was born in 1938 in Marfa, Texas, the hometown of his maternal grandfather. His family lived in Alpine, where his father was employed by the Border Patrol. After his father transferred to the Immigration Service, the family lived briefly in New Mexico and Arizona. His father was then assigned to the Immigration Office in El Paso, Texas. Dave lived there with his family until 1961, and attended the local schools.

Dave served 3 years in the U.S. Army at Fort Bliss, less than 2 miles from the family home. Following basic training, Dave lived at home while he attended the High Altitude Guided Missile School. He went on to teach Nike Ajax and Nike Hercules computer maintenance.

Dave accepted a position as a Philco TechRep, first returning to the Missile School as an instructor, and later transferred to the Air Force Satellite Tracking Station outside Manchester, New Hampshire.

During his tour at the Tracking Station, Dave realized the importance of a college degree, returned to El Paso and attended Texas Western College (Now the University of Texas-El Paso). There he earned a B.S. in Physics and completed the academic requirements for a master's degree, but returned to work before completing his thesis.

This was the beginning of a 40+ year career in the aerospace industry. The first half consisted of technical work in satellites, satellite command and control systems, and data and information management systems in general. The other half, Dave spent in corporate communications for companies that build, operate or manage satellite and information systems, and in business development operations.

The business of satellite command and control requires one to spend lengthy times away from home, working at the completion sites of the satellites and ground systems. Dave's longest separation from home was 260 days.

Dave believes he is a fifth generation Mason. His maternal great grandfather, grandfather, and father were all Masons.

Dave was raised a Master Mason in 1966, in Sunland Lodge #1344. He holds a dual membership in Bend Lodge #139, serving as Master in 2007, and holds a life-membership there, as well. He is also a life-member of Redmond Lodge #154, Prineville Lodge #76 and Robert Burns Lodge #97. He served as District Deputy of District #19 for three years.

Dave received Scottish Rite Degrees in the Valley of San Jose, CA in 1979. He transferred his membership to the Baker Valley bodies in 2005, and is an active member of the 18th and 28th Degree teams. Dave was invested with the rank of Knight Commander Court of Honour (K.C.C.H.) in 2013.

He received his York Rite Degrees and Orders in San Jose, CA in 1980, and transferred his membership to the Central Oregon York Rite bodies in 2006.

Dave was created a Noble in Islam Temple (now Asiya Shriners) in San Francisco in 1980, and transferred his membership to Al Kader in 2002. Since then, he has been active in the Central Oregon Shrine Club, serving as its President in 2005, and in the Silver Arrow Patrol, driving a go-cart. For several years, he was also editor of the COSC newsletter. Dave is also a member of the Harney County Shrine Club. He is a member of the Order of the Q, and served as Editor of the Al Kader Oasis from 2005 to 2013. Dave has also acted as webmaster for the Al Kader website.

Dave and Lynn were married in 1978. Together they raised two sons, and they have two grandchildren. Lady Lynn is an active member of the Daughters of the Nile, and for several years was hostess for the Central Oregon Shrine Club. Lynn supports the Portland Hospital by making "surgery" dolls, and the Al Kader Transportation Fund with a portion of the proceeds she receives for her aprons and Christmas tree skirts.


IS Harold Clark Al Kader Shrine Potentate 1979

I.S. Harold Clark served as Potentate of Al Kader Shriners in 1979. He was a member of Waluga Lodge No 181 for 65 years. He received his Entered Apprentice Degree January 25, 1952, Passed to the Degree of Fellowcraft February 29, 1952 and Raised a Master Mason April 11, 1952. He joined Al Kader Shriners in December 1964. He proudly served as Al Kader Circus Ringmaster for over 30 years.

I.S. Harold was with the Federal Bureau of Investigation from 1949 to his retirement in 1979. He was also lead agent for the FBI Training division in Quantico, Portland chapter. It was his responsibility who would attend the leadership training for police Lieutenants up to Chiefs or specialty training like the Hostage Negotiation seminars or SWAT training. He had a very active and historical impact in law enforcement in the Portland area.

After retirement he operated his own security and background check company. He remained active in the Over the Hill Metro Police lunch and was a member of Al Kader Shurtah Club. He also was Treasurer for the Al Kader Cabiri for many years.

The Great Architect of the Universe has called home Illustrious Sir Harold K. Clark, on January 12, 2017 at the age of 97.


IS Leonard Schiler Al Kader Shrine Potentate 1979

Leonard Schiler was born June 3, 1928 to Herman L. and Kate Schiler in Coffeyville, Kansas His family moved to Cherryvale, Kansas, when he was seven years old. He attended grade school and high school there before entering the U.S. Navy in 1945. He served until 1946 aboard the destroyer USS Southerland in the South Pacific.

He joined Freemasonry April 3, 1957 at Albert Pike Masonic Lodge #303 in Wichita, Kan. He joined the Masonic organizations of Scottish Rite and Shriners in April of 1979 in Indianapolis, Ind. He joined York Rite in October of 2002 in Portland. He held several offices and managerial positions in Masonry, including Honorary Past Master of Beaverton Masonic Lodge #100, Chairman and Personal Representative of the S.G.I.G. in Portland and Potentate of the Al Kader Shriners of Oregon in 1994. He received his 33rd Degree in Masonry Aug. 3, 2001.

His business life was in sales and marketing where he traveled the country working for several manufacturers and dealers in the educational classroom furniture business. In later years, he was a real estate broker in Portland for Hasson Realty Company.

Leonard E. “Len” Schiler passed away peacefully March 28, 2017 at the age of 88.


Ron Gamble

I.S. Ron Gamble, Potentate 2017

Ron was born in Alhambra California in 1945. He graduated from Mark Keppel High School in 1962 and after one year of College he joined the US Army. He completed College with a Bachelor Degree in Business Management and a Masters Degree in Organizational Management.

Ron married his wife Gail in 1966 and they have two sons Robert and Rick both members of Al Kader Shriners. Ron met Gail in 1961 when he was a DeMolay and she was a Jobs Daughter. They lived in Southern California until then moving to Grants Pass Oregon in 1977 and then to Canby Oregon in 1987.

Ron has a background in construction and real estate for the past forty years. In 1987 he joined the financial industry as a Project Manager and after joining Bank of America was promoted to Vice President of Corporate Real Estate. He managed bank owned and leased facilities as well as construction management. He was transferred to Las Vegas to oversee projects throughout the Southwest. He later was made Western Regional Project Director of Bank owned properties. His responsibilities included personnel, construction, real estate development and budget management.

Ron became a member of DeMolay in 1959 and is a Past Master Councilor, a Chevalier and Legion of Honor. While in the US Army stationed in Germany Ron became the first Jurisdictional Master Councilor of Germany in 1965.

Ron was raised a Master Mason in Arcadia Lodge in California in 1967 and served as Master in 1977. Holding duel membership with Chamopeg Lodge in Canby Oregon and served as Master in 1990 and serving the Grand Lodge as District Deputy. Ron is a York Rite Mason and Scottish Rite Mason and joined Hilliah Shriners in 1980 and transferred to Al Kader Shriners in 1993 Ron served on the Al Kader finance committee in 1994 and appointed to the Divan in 1996 and back on the Divan in 2012. He was a member of the Drum Corp and now a member of the Oriental Band, a member of the Legion of Honor, and a charter member of the “Q”. Ron is also a volunteer tour guide at the Portland Shriners Hospital for Children.


Art Hermanson

Art Hermanson
I.S. Art Hermanson, Potentate 2018

Art Hermanson was born in Alpena, Michigan in 1947. He graduated from Johannesburg Central High School and attended Ferris State University. Art left Michigan in 1966 when he joined the United States Navy.

Art served in the Navy for 23 years, retiring in 1989 as a Master Chief Petty Officer. While in the Navy, Art met and married his lovely Lady Lynne. They have two adult children and four grandchildren. After retirement from the U.S. Navy, Art joined the U. S. Foreign Service, retiring from the Foreign Service in 2011 after 20 years.

Art became a Mason, joined the Scottish Rite and became a Shriner in 1978 while serving in Naples, Italy. He is a Past Master of Harry S. Truman Lodge #649 F.&A.M. He has served as President of the Scottish Rite Bodies for Southern Italy & Sicily and President of Napoli Oasis, European Shrine Club (now Emirates Temple). He was selected as a Knight Commander Court of Honor (KCCH) in 1989 and awarded the 33* as an Inspector General Honorary in 1997.

Art is a member of the Legion of Honor, Oriental Band, Salem Patrol, Tualatin Valley Shrine Club, and he was recently initiated into “The Q”.

Art and Lynne moved to Vancouver, Washington in 2008 (actually Lynne moved in while Art served his last assignment in the Foreign Service). In addition to his duties as a member of the Divan, Art is also a volunteer at the Portland Shriners Hospital for Children.


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